Hear me, friends… Getting essential oils from Amazon is not only a waste of your money.. it is downright dangerous.

These 3 reviews are just a few of the HUNDREDS of reviews claiming that doterra oils on Amazon are fake, adulterated, tampered with, or diluted. Don’t play with your health.

  1. They’re MORE EXPENSIVE!
    This particular bottle of Breathe oil is listed at $29.33 on Amazon. From doterra, Breathe is only $22. Amazon sellers jack their prices up to maximize profit.
    It’s crazy simple to completely switch out doterra oil for a $2 crappy Frankincense “essential oil” bought from the local gas station.
    Amazon does not screen essential oils for tampering.
    You can buy caps with the safety seal attached (from Amazon, of course 🙄), so you can seal up the oil and make it look like it was never opened. Don’t believe me? You would never know the bottle has been opened.
    IF the seller doesn’t completely switch out the oil for a fake one, they can split the oil half & half and fill the bottles with coconut oil, then sell it at a marked up cost.
    Using essential oils effectively takes education and support. One of the best things about doTERRA is their amazing support system for oil users. If you have a question, it will be answered quickly! When you buy oils on Amazon or from the grocery store, you have zero community and support.

I would love to help you bring oils into your home, but more than that– I want you to be safe. So whether you get oils with me or another amazing doTERRA friend, what matters is you’re getting your oils from a certified source with ample education and support for you. ❤️