Hijama helps the body to get rid of excess inflammatory agents that have built within sinus cavities, regulates the immune system and prevents an attack of acute sinusitis from becoming chronic. Sinusitis is the inflammation of sinus (spaces in the facial bones) mucosa. There are four pairs of sinuses: 1.Frontal sinuses2.Maxillary sinuses 3.Ethmoid sinuses 4.Sphenoid sinuses. It can be acute or chronic depending on the onset. There is inflammation of sinus mucosa, hyperemia, exudation, cilia are destroyed impairing the drainage from sinus inviting the infection. Mucosa becomes thick and hypertrophied. Main causes of sinusitis are: Obstruction to sinus ventilation and drainage eg. DNS, stasis of secretions in the nasal cavity , systematic disorders as Diabetes Mellitus, HIV, allergies etc. As per unani concept Iltihaab e tajaweef e anaf is composed of three words 1.Iltihaab means „garam waram‟(inflammation)2.Tajaweef means „cavities‟ which lie within the facial bones