Anas ibn Maalik RA reported that the Messenger SAW said,

”When the weather becomes extremely hot, seek aid in cupping (hijama). Do not allow your blood to rage (boil) such that it kills you.” – Hadith

Is your personal Summer Oil-change due soon?


Studies found that the blood drawn out from wet cupping had 8 times more mercury than in the patients Venus blood (in the veins)
What this confirms is that cupping draws out toxic blood and heavy metals very well.


When people talk about the health benefits of blood donation, it is similar to venesection or phlebotomy (puncturing of veins) which was called FASD in old times.
The difference between HIJAMA and FASD is the blood itself. FASD (Blood Donation) removes fresh blood from the veins while HIJAMA removes the septic blood from underneath the skin.
FASD is helpful for diseases that are cured by extracting out the fresh blood. These ailments are very few. On the other hand , HIJAMA helps in extracting septic blood otherwise called CPSs (Causative Pathological Substances) which are the root cause of many diseases.
Ibn Al-Qoryyum wrote that “cupping extracts the septic blood more efficiently than puncturing the veins”. A surprising FACT is that the purified HIJAMA blood can’t be donated.
HIJAMA is superior to FASD in many aspects. Below is the comparison:

  1. Point of suctioning is formed underneath the skin for HIJAMA while it is taken out from the veins for FASD
  2. Smell of the septic blood is rancid & rotten with a bad smell while donated blood rarely has bad odour
  3. Colour of HIJAMA blood is reddish brown to black while donated blood is reddish
  4. Vision is enhanced after HIJAMA while it is negligible after FASD
  5. Cholesterol (triglycerides) is reduced by HIJAMA while FASD has negligible effect on Cholesterol
  6. HIJAMA induces freshness in the body while FASD might cause body weakness
  7. Migraine & Headache are best cured by HIJAMA while FASD has negligible effect on Migraine & Headache
  8. HIJAMA eliminates back pain, FASD can’t reduce your back pain
  9. Cervical Spondylosis at the posterior jugulars is best cured by HIJAMA. FASD has no effects on cervical problems
  10. HIJAMA has powerful effects on Sihr (spells), Jinn possession & Evil Eye. FASD can’t break the spell of Sihr, Jinn or Evil Eye.

You don’t need to doubt the benefits of HIJAMA (Cupping Therapy) any more, it is indeed the best of medicines.