döTERRA On Guard+ ™
Chewable Tablets and
On Guard+™ Softgels
are formulated with the
On Guard* Protective
Blend to help maintain
healthy immune system
function. The chewables
contain vitamins C and D
zinc, and beta-glucan,
while the softgels are
formulated with Black
Pepper, Oregano, and
Melissa essential oils for
additional support

PB Assist+®
is a proprietary formula
of prebiotic fiber and
six strains of probiotic
microorganisms that
supports a healthy
intestinal tract, which
is critical for optimal
immune function.

döTERRA Lifelong
Vitality Pack®
is full of essential
nutrients, omegas,
and powerful
antioxidants designed
to help promote
health, energy, and
lifelong vitality.