Cupping blood: It is the old blood that hinders the body from carrying out its tasks and functions to the fullest, which makes it fragile for diseases and ailments. It contains red blood cells of abnormal shapes, that is, they are old globules that are unable to perform their work as well as obstructing the work of the rest of the working young globules. It contains a tenth of the amount of white blood cells found in normal blood, which indicates that cupping preserves and strengthens the immune system. The binding capacity of iron in the blood of cupping was very high (550-1100), which indicates that cupping keeps iron inside the body without coming it out with the taken blood. With this cupping, in preparation for its use in building new young pellets. The percentage of creatinine in the blood of cupping was high, and this indicates that cupping captures all impurities, waste and blood sediments, which leads to reactivate all of the body organs.

  • Donated blood
    Blood from donation: It is the pure blood that is in the veins and arteries, and it passes through the brain, heart and all organs, and it is the basis of the immune system and circulatory system. Donation blood: has 100% healthy red blood cells, white blood cells and Iron comes out with donation 100% too.